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In the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, technological advancements are rapidly shaping the way we live, work, and connect with the world. The pace of innovation has reached unprecedented levels, introducing a wave of transformative technologies that are redefining the boundaries of what is possible.

Are you a company with cutting-edge innovation and technology at the forefront. Let’s supporting you in redefining the future. Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological evolution, where possibilities are limitless and success knows no bounds. Let’s shape the future together, where innovation meets excellence

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Technical products and technology are the backbone of our multiannual experiences, ensuring satisfaction and reliability. It extends from navigate the present, to crafting a roadmap for innovative new products that redefine industry standards. To blue sky strategy into unchartered territories.
We are happy to address together critical challenges across your portfolio of products and technologies.


Welcome to our suite of business services. Whether you’re expanding your market reach, optimizing sales channels, or establishing a local presence, our tailored services are designed to propel your business towards success. By leveraging our extensive contact database, we excel in identifying and providing optimal technology solutions that precisely align with industry requirements and client needs. 

Current Products

The Lifecycle Management of a portfolio of products is instrumental in optimizing products’ ROI. It allows to make informed decisions about which products to maintain, update, or phase out.
Starting from products analysis we can access valuable insights. Profitability, demand, direct and indirect costs, is data that allows to look at the portfolio with the right vision and decide where allocate the resources, which product prioritize, and make strategic decisions to enhance overall portfolio profitability.

By implementing a process to systematically identifying and addressing inefficiencies, defects, and customer feedback, products can be refined, improved and cost reduced over time. While this iterative process has the key objective to enhances product quality, it also boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and market competitiveness. The commitment to continuous improvement creates a dynamic feedback loop, allowing organizations to stay responsive to evolving market needs and trends, ultimately contributing to sustained success.

Customer insights are invaluable assets in shaping and refining products. By understanding customer preferences, behaviours, and needs, the products can be tailored to meet specific demands. Additionally, they are valuable feedback in troubleshooting quality issues while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Once collected the customer feedback is analysed and key suggestions prioritized through Continuous Improvement. This proactive approach ensuring that evolving customer needs are met maintaining thei product offerings customer-centricity.

Metrics are crucial throughout the product lifetime. By adopting a balanced set of KPIs, the product performance can be assessed in real time. Tangible KPI’s such as financial and absolute metrics together with intangible KPI’s such as customer satisfaction, marketing and online feedback allows to confirm goals, objectives, and product success.
Let’s discuss together which KPI’s provide the best insights for your products and for your company objectives.

New Products Strategy

Before investing in new products, has to evaluate:
1) In house technologies & products
2) Adaptation to different markets
3) Potential products v technology
4) Products vs Profit
5) Effort and time to market
6) Alignment with company objectives.
By doing so, a company gains valuable insights of the product portfolio, make informed decisions about future products, and ensure the ongoing alignment of its new products with the company strategy.

New products are the outcome of a company’s innovation and strategy. Successful new products not only fulfil consumer demands but also position the company as an industry innovator, fostering long-term competitiveness and market leadership.
It involves rigorous market analysis, identifying customer pain points, and leveraging emerging technologies. Formulating a clear value proposition while maintaining competitive pricing. Being flexible in adopting customer feedback and market shifts is crucial at the same as leveraging on emerging technologies.

Once identified what new products we want focus on, then we have to do a proper go to market assessment hy performing a set of key activities. All start with a good Market Research to then assess product development costs, Supply chain, pricing strategy, training, launch, analytics and many more.
A well-executed go-to-market strategy integrates these activities cohesively, ensuring a successful and impactful introduction of the new product to the market.

When introducing a new product to the market, it’s crucial to identify and quantify potential risks, to make informed decisions and develop effective risk mitigation strategies. By identifying, systematically assessing and quantifying the risks, businesses can develop proactive strategies to mitigate potential challenges and enhance the likelihood of a successful product launch. Regular monitoring and adjustment of strategies based on evolving circumstances are also essential components of effective risk management.

BlueSky Innovation

The outcome of Blue-Sky project is expected to be groundbreaking ideas achieved through visionary thinking and unconventional approaches. By leveraging on company diverse expertise, the roadmap begins with cross-functional extensive ideation sessions followed by identify high-potential concepts. Progressive milestones guide prototype development, testing hypotheses, and refining the innovation. Continuous monitoring and adaptability are paramount, allowing the project to evolve dynamically.

It involves venturing into uncharted territories to identify untapped opportunities. Extensive market research, competitor analysis, and trend forecasting guide this exploration, providing insights into potential niches. Because of the dynamic nature of Blue-Sky innovation, successful market exploration in this context not only discovers novel avenues but positions the organization as an industry innovator, fostering a culture of continuous innovation.

New and novel technologies play a pivotal role in Blue-sky innovation. Therefore, encouraging new technologies and solutions experimentation is very important during the adoption process. This will allow understand which one is more in line with the organization and the strategy adopted, and then embracing the most suitable cutting-edge advancement.

A typical session involves assembling a diverse team, organising creative exercises, and inspiration-sharing. Participants define challenges, visualize ideas through prototyping, and engage in divergent thinking within set time constraints. A skilled facilitator guides the session, creating a risk-taking environment. Technology exploration, idea evaluation criteria, and documentation ensure a structured approach. The session concludes with a follow-up plan for further development.


At INCOA, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in delivering cutting-edge technical solutions tailored for these ever-evolving sectors. Our team of seasoned professionals bring a wealth of expertise and innovation to the table, offering a comprehensive suite of services focused on enhancing highly technical products creation and delivering customized solutions that propel your business towards unprecedented heights.

From state-of-the-art navigation systems to security technologies, we empower maritime enterprises to navigate the future with confidence. Our focus is on optimize fleets, streamline logistics, and propel businesses towards a more resilient and competitive future. Our commitment to innovation ensures a strategic edge, enhancing situational awareness, and bolstering the capabilities of naval and commercial fleets.

In the defense industry, the use of cutting-edge technology goes beyond conventional boundaries. Innovations such as autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity are actively shaping a future where security and strategic capabilities are heightened.

Safety and Protection is the mission of this industry. From surveillance systems and biometric authentication to AI-driven threat detection, innovative technologies play a crucial role in establishing resilient and adaptive security infrastructure.

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