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International business development activity involves the strategic pursuit of opportunities beyond a company’s domestic borders to foster global growth and competitiveness. This multifaceted process includes market research, partner identification, and the formulation of strategies tailored to diverse international markets. 

Companies engaged in international business development often seek to capitalize on emerging markets, while required to forge strategic alliances, and adapt their products or services to meet the unique needs of diverse consumer bases. The activity involves assessing risks associated with regional market conditions so that they can enter in the market with the minimum effort and investment.


Investing outside the domestic market requires effort in terms of time, budget and dedication, but it also requires a keen understanding of global economic trends, cultural nuances, and regulatory environments.

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The UK has a highly developed and diverse economy, a well-established legal and regulatory framework for businesses and a strong emphasis on technology and innovation. This makes it one of the most fertile countries to produce innovative technologies and solutions.
Thanks to the presence of tech hubs, world top universities and research institutions, and London as a global financial centre, the industries are increasing attention on environmental issues and sustainability getting the UK at the forefront for environmental responsibility and sustainability practices.

Italy boasts a diverse economy, excelling in manufacturing, fashion, design, tourism, and agriculture. Renowned for global brands, it plays a pivotal role in EU trade, notably with Germany, France, and Spain. The country is marked by a significant presence of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), specializing in high-tech sectors like security, defense, telecoms, and machinery. In its engagement with East Asian nations, Italy aligns on technology and innovation, yet faces challenges stemming from divergent business practices, cultural nuances, and regulatory frameworks.

While Europe offers a highly developed and innovative market for high-tech companies, navigating regulatory complexities, understanding diverse markets, and staying abreast of technological trends are essential for success. Engaging in collaborations, ensuring compliance with regulations, and adapting to local preferences contribute to a positive trading experience in the European high-tech landscape. Outside of the European Union, the post-Brexit landscape in the UK, introduces new considerations and potential challenges. Understanding the new regional market and navigating the implications of Brexit on trade is essential.

South Korea is known for its export-oriented economy, with major technology, automotive, shipbuilding, and petrochemicals industries. Nowadays, it is a leader in technology and innovation thanks also to the government proactiveness in implementing policies to support innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.
Understanding and respecting Korean business culture is essential for successful business operations in the country. Having a local partner to build strong relationships is crucial.

Japan, a high-tech hub, is appealing market for global companies. Establishing strong relationships is key, but challenges like language barriers and fierce competition must be navigated. The government’s backing of innovation creates an entry point, emphasizing collaborative research and partnerships with local institutions. Our experience indicates that Japanese businesses and consumers hold elevated expectations for the quality of products arriving from Europe, expectations that European businesses sometimes overlook. Businesses looking for fast ROI are better focusing elsewhere.

Both Northeast and Southeast Asia present distinctive opportunities for international high-tech companies. Northeast Asia provides entry to mature and technologically advanced markets, while Southeast Asia offers emerging markets with diverse consumer bases. Singapore is emerging as a center for excellence and innovation, and Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand are anticipated to experience steady growth in the coming years. Given the vast distances across the region, establishing a network of agents and resellers is a strategic approach, as the geographical challenges limit the feasibility of implementing a one-off shop strategy.


Welcome to our suite of business services. Whether you’re expanding your market reach, optimizing sales channels, or establishing a local presence, our tailored services are designed to propel your business towards success. By leveraging our extensive contact database, we excel in identifying and providing optimal technology solutions that precisely align with industry requirements and client needs. 

Our activities involve strategic initiatives aimed at expanding the client market presence, fostering growth, and creating sustainable opportunities. From market research and lead generation to partnership building and sales optimization, our dynamic process focused on implementing tailored strategies to enhance overall business performance.

Effectively overseeing and optimizing the reseller and distribution network. We specialize in forging new partnerships while managing together with your reps projects and sales, expectations, and customer satisfaction. Our local presence enables to evaluate partners’ quality in terms of training, communication, and overall business effectiveness.

We can establishing a local presence as your rep, handling logistics, hiring, and serving as the face of your business. From day-to-day operations, hiring, working on business negotiations and reporting across time zones, our approach builds trust with local clients, while allowing you to adapt and understand the market before committing intensive budgets.


At INCOA, our team of advisors comprises passionate technologists who are not limited to a specific industry segment but are dedicated to researching and delivering technology solutions across diverse industries. The industries listed below showcase our past engagements, yet we are open and enthusiastic about exploring opportunities in any sector that leverages cutting-edge technology.

In the defense industry, the use of cutting-edge technology goes beyond conventional boundaries. Innovations such as autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity are actively shaping a future where security and strategic capabilities are heightened.

Safety and Protection is the mission of this industry. From surveillance systems and biometric authentication to AI-driven threat detection, innovative technologies play a crucial role in establishing resilient and adaptive security infrastructure.

The maritime industry is going through an intense transformation. From autonomous vessels and smart navigation systems to advanced monitoring and sustainability solutions, innovative technologies are revolutionizing how the maritime sector operates. 

From electric and autonomous vehicles to advanced driver-assistance and connectivity solutions, technology is reshaping the driving experience. Look for a  future where sustainability, efficiency, and connectivity converge to redefine mobility.

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